The extravagant life of Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian millionaire with an 11 million-strong Instagram following who now has his sights set on acting

50-year-old multimillionaire entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi is not your average Instagram star — he’s certainly done things his own way.

Having retired from a career in business, the silver-haired, tattooed Italian took social media by a storm last year when a video he posted of himself dancing on holiday with his partner at the time went viral.

He has since gained a huge Instagram following — over 11 million — with whom he shares his outrageously lavish lifestyle aboard private jets, yachts, and fast cars.

Business Insider spoke to Vacchi after he’d just touched down in Italy to wish his mother a Merry Christmas.

Scroll down for a sneak peek inside the extravagant world of Gianluca Vacchi.

This is 50-year-old Gianluca Vacchi, the multimillionaire entrepreneur known to most people because of the lavish lifestyle he shares with his 11 million-strong Instagram following.

Business Insider caught up with Vacchi just after he’d just touched down in Italy to wish his mother a Merry Christmas before he jetted back to Miami to spend Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve in the sunshine.

The couple posted a series of videos in which they performed synchronised dances during the summer of 2016. They were viewed millions of times.

Vacchi told Business Insider his life so far can be be divided “very clearly” into two parts: the first one being his life “under the working point of view” which lasted until he was 45.

Vacchi said he went into the “family businesses” at the age of 25 after finishing his studies in economics. Along with his cousin, he took on some of his family’s companies which were in need of deep restructuring and then once he’d turned them around, listed them on the stock exchange.

At 29, he said he decided to become a shareholder instead, and went into private equity, buying and selling companies in different sectors. And at one point had his fingers in pies across 12 or 13 different sectors.

“At 45 I realised that the world didn’t have anything to give me anymore,” he told BI. “I’m not interested in accumulating money at all any more, I’m only interested in what’s moving my curiosity.”

Vacchi said that while he no longer manages companies he still considers himself to be an entrepreneur as a shareholder. For example, he still owns a stake in his family’s Bologna-based conglomerate IMA, which manufactures machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals and other products.

What really piqued his interest was the world of social media. Now, his Instagram account is a platform where he shows off his flamboyant personality through an array of brightly-coloured tailored suits, velvet slippers, and impressive pyjama collection.

“I wasn’t old enough not to be interested in the ways of dialogue between young people, and the ways of being entertained by young people,” he said. He set his sights on understanding the way social media works and says it became “clear” that it was something he could be a part of.

Now, he likes to think of himself as a “global entertainer and celebrity.”

“It used to be that the first thing people did was look at the newspaper, now they wake up and go on Instagram,” he said. “People are more interested in other peoples’ lives than their own. It is very strange, but it’s like that.”

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